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When the training room became a Zoom room

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Rejig was due to deliver a one day Creative thinking session for the new cohort of gaming companies on the NI Screen Platform programme. This was to be run on 6th April 2020 as part of their induction week and the plan was to run a highly interactive Fousight prototyping exercise, providing participants with an insight into their creative thinking reference and then spend the afternoon giving the cohort the chance to experiment with a range of ideation tools.

Then along came Covid 19 and a radical overhaul of how we might deliver this session. And so we polished up our Zoom skills and rapidly learnt how to deliver engaging virtual training.

We created small groups to try out the ideation tools. All were experiential, short and sharp with the chance for the whole group to feedback on how they felt each tool worked for them. These also generated a lot of humour when we ended up trying to combine ----- a packet of chocolate biscuits and a live snake (both of which were on the participants desk !!!)

We ran icebreakers, energisers and a full debrief on the participants Foursight profile. This proved to be a highly unusual group in that they all had a preference for the Ideation stage of the innovation process. There was a lot of laughter when I explained to them that the only other group here in NI that I have ever worked with who demonstrated such a high group preference for Ideation was primary school children!

Videos on and not a sign of a mute button led to some real learning for this great group of game designers. We introduced them to a formal set of tools for ideation, which can be used when they need inspiration and it was great to know that I was adding something to the repertoire of these highly creative and imaginative game designers. This was a good start to our unexpected journey into the world of virtual delivery.

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