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COVID temperature check with CDHN

Rejig have been working with the Community Development Health Network (CDHN) on their Self-care Pharmacy Project for a number of months, but the onset of Covid-19 delayed the completion of the work. This week we brought a wide range of the project stakeholders back into the zoom room to complete the work and to share their views on how the pandemic has impacted on the insights collated to date and if this information was still relevant.

Technology always presents a challenge or two and we were kept on our toes as we dealt with issues ranging from device limitation, firewall access, and internet connection. Getting into the spirit of this gathering however participants counteracted these issues by effectively collaborating to ensure that team members experiencing technical difficulties were kept up to speed with key discussions.

We created small mixed groups to generate optimum results. Breakout rooms provided groups with the virtual space to discuss and debate the ‘How Might We’ statements, which they had generated in the earlier workshops. The scale of the rooms allowed for rich discussion and lively debate, which teams then documented virtually (the engagement in discussion did mean we had to monitor the rooms to ensure this information was being captured!)

A period of cross-group review followed when all participants returned from their break out rooms to share their recommendations for moving forward. This period of reflection ensured all participants had the opportunity to hear the thoughts of others and to be heard, an empathetic and egalitarian way to close this process.

The converged data from the overall session highlighted that despite the unprecedented crisis brought about by the onset of Covid-19 the fundamental issues facing this project remains largely unchanged. This Covid temperature check-in with stakeholders allows CDHN to move confidently forward in a period of sustained uncertainty.



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