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Rejig is a human centred training and consultancy business with creativity at our core. Our mission is to train everyone to use their imagination to solve problems. Using a combination of well-established design thinking and creative problem solving processes, Rejig work with the curious, supporting them to drive change within their organisations. 

We help you tackle complex challenges by showing you how to leverage innovative thinking styles

We build balanced innovation teams and translate insights and ideas into actionable innovations

We will help build your creative confidence and take you from ‘issue’ to ‘innovation’

We stretch your imagination building creative confidence and collaboration is cultivated

Rejig Team

Patricia Flanagan (MBA)


Patricia’s core passion is for how Design Thinking and Creative Problem solving can be used inclusively across society. This passion was sparked by a study visit to the d-school, Stanford California over 10 years ago. Since then Patricia has been focused on developing creative problem solving approaches to stimulate innovation with client companies and in education, where she introduce students from primary school through to PhD to the skills, tools and techniques which will help them to thrive as innovative thinkers in a complex, globalised world.  As a specialist facilitator Patricia has designed and delivered a wide range of design thinking programmes and workshops for strategy setting, team building, uncovering insights, innovation in the private and third sector and strengthening social enterprises. 

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Our team
Michelle Dolan Design Thinking.jpg


Michelle Dolan (Creative Facilitor)

Michelle studied Visual Communication in Limerick School of Art and Design, and ever since has utilised visual methods to observe, engage with, and question the world around her. Living and working in a variety of social and cultural environments led Michelle to the field of Anthropology, a discipline she pursued at MA level in Queens University Belfast, graduating with a first class honours. This MA allowed Michelle the opportunity to combine her passions of visual methods and understandings of the human experience. Currently working as anthropologist in the field of Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Michelle is employed by REJIG where she is a creative facilitator, ideator, tool designer, insight gatherer, data visualizer and overall dot connector. 

Peter Worth (Associate)


Peter is an educator and learning designer working at the intersection of school leadership, design thinking, professional learning, and school culture change. Peter helps educators apply their creativity and hacking mindsets to build an equitable school culture to prepare all students for post-secondary education, career, and civic life. Raised in California and now based in Northern Ireland, Peter consults with a range of clients on primary, post-primary, and tertiary education. A career educator, Peter has been co-director of School Retool with the Stanford, director of learning design and senior instructional designer for a professional learning edtech company, a senior research associate on assessment and standards with an educational research organization, and a public school teacher in Los Angeles County.  

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Whats on offer?


We deliver empowering introductory and advanced training sessions using Design thinking and Creative problem solving (CPS).   Our training programmes help you unleash your creative potential and push you out of your comfort zone to create break through thinking.  More>


Fun filled creative and design thinking for all levels of education nurturing students creative confidence to transform them into the innovators needed for an uncertain future. To “coddiwomple” is to walk purposefully towards a destination as yet unknown. More>


Collaborative conversations, designed with you to meet your specific needs expertly facilitated to lead you to creative solutions. Great facilitation is almost invisible and we deliver events, workshops and meetings, which are purposeful, productive, engaging and fun. More>

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Whats on offer
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Growing collectively through creativity. According to Forbes “Team building is not a splurge, it’s an investment.” People generate the effective solutions that are needed to drive innovation.  More>


Understanding your creative mindset and individual contribution to innovation and - develop the self-awareness needed to cultivate the mind set for more innovative and effective problem solving.  More>


Straight talking, creatively.  Invigorate your audience in a creative and memorable manner.  More>

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