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Rejig worked with the NOW Group Family Service on a user consultation and ideation process

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In March 2020 Rejig worked with the NOW Group Family Service on a user consultation and ideation process. NOW support families where a parent has a learning difficulty or an Autistic Spectrum Condition.  The service work with expectant and new parents with children under five in the Belfast area to support them by building confidence, develop skills and make them more connected to their communities.  When they are ready NOW will provide opportunities for parents to move on to NOW’s training, volunteering and employment services and plan their future.

NOW approached us as they were keen to get a greater understanding of their service users experience so they could design and deliver relevant future services tailored to existing needs. It was our privilege to meet with group members and key workers for an insight gathering session in NOW premises. The group quickly opened up to us and the amazing sense of rapport amongst the group, trust in the key workers and genuine friendship between the group members and staff made our job of gathering key insights on how they feel about the current service so much easier.

We visualised some of the main insights gathered and during the second phase of this work we also met with a mix of internal and external stakeholders to share the gathered user insights followed by an ideation session. The user experience highlighted the fundamental role the Family Service currently plays in assisting its service users to live informed and fulfilled lives. In effect the users are being “held up” by this support and helped to fulfil their potential. NOW is the trusted voice, the trusted advisor, the trusted supporter, and the trusted helper. NOW are seen by the users as their own Florence Nightingale, shining a light and leading the way.

This process once again allowed us the opportunity to find new ways to facilitate users to tell their own stories and to influence and play key role in designing and developing the services they value so much.

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